41 Lovely Abyssinian Cat 101 Pictures

abyssinian cat 101 – abyssinian – cat breeds 101 abyssinian history the abyssinian is a medium sized cat originated from ethiopia and has enjoyed steady popularity since the 1800s they are similar in appearance to the cats of ancient egypt some say they are one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats cats 101 abyssinian cat interesting funny facts you didn t know thanks for watching subscribe for more share my video follow me edgy network edgy ne cat breeds 101 the abyssinian the abyssinian is a slim medium sized cat their heads are wedge shaped with the nose and chin forming a straight line when viewed from the side abyssinian cat 101 the word is derived from the abyssinian ethiopian language which is the country of origin of this breed of cat initial purification abyssinian cat race is conducted in english cats 101 animal planet abyssinian high quality cats 101 animal planet abyssinian high quality find this pin and more on extra by dot malin tags cats 101 – somali [eng] catvix the first somali cats appeared in the litters of abyssinians as long haired kittens in the 1940s a british breeder named janet robertson exported some abyssinian kittens to australia new zealand and north america lovable cats cat breeds 101 abyssinian lovable cats although the exact roots of the abyssinian are still somewhat unclear one thing is for sure the breed did not originate from ethiopia even though that’s where its first british owners got it from abyssinian cats 101 what makes this exotic breed unique the abyssinian cat breed has long been considered one of the finest short haired breeds known for their regal stature and vitality .

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