39 Cute Abyssinian Cat association Images

abyssinian cat association – abyssinian cat association about animals kitten is an independent being it already knows a lot and able to do however you especially at first and if the kitten is very small e g monthly or a six is also required to make efforts to make him feel that your home is his home and you are his own family abyssinian breed profile the cat fanciers association about the abyssinian although the abyssinian is one of the oldest known breeds there continues to be speculation and controversy concerning its history cfa abyssinian breed council wel e to the web site of the abyssinian breed council affiliated with the cat fanciers association cfa our breed council members are advisory to the cfa board of directors regarding issues concerning the abyssinian breed standard abyssinian cat the abyssinian cat as it is known today was bred in great britain it is alleged that british sol rs deployed to north africa in the nineteenth century returned home with kittens purchased from local traders abyssinian american cat fanciers association abyssinian breed standard history the actual history of the abyssinian cat is unknown what is actually known is that this breed was first recorded in england in 1871 abyssinian cat breed plete description videos the international cat association recognized the breed in 1979 size of the abyssinian cat this breed falls right in the middle of the weight categories males are expected to mature and weigh somewhere around 8 to 10 lbs while the females fall somewhere between 6 to 7 lbs personality of the abyssinian these cats are very vocal demonstrative and active they seem to possess supernatural abyssinian cat fanciers association the abyssinian is lithe hard and muscular showing eager activity and a lively interest in all surroundings well balanced temperamentally and physically with all elements of the cat in pro portion head a modified slightly rounded wedge without flat planes the brow cheek and profile lines all showing a gentle contour a slight rise from the bridge of the nose to the forehead which wel e to tica the international cat association tica tica currently recognizes 71 breeds of cats from the ancient abyssinian to the newer breeds like the lykoi cat and including wild looking domestic breeds like the chausie and bengals wherever you are you’re in tica’s world .

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