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most mon abyssinian health problems abyssiniancat in cases when the disease is already in a more severe stage an antibiotic gel can be applied or in more serious situations bone replacement and other procedures might be needed 2 progressive retinal atrophy prevention as this inherited disease is based on genetic degeneration there is no known method for prevention early recognition might be key in fighting the disease which can produce the first symptoms at about seven months of age abyssinian cat health problems pictures of cats this disease is well known to the abyssinian cat as a “familial” problem and therefore inherited genetically there are a number of research study papers on google scholar about it a 1980 study appeared to have first reported it as a familiar propensity of this breed of cat abyssinian breed specific healthcare issues the abyssinian the following diseases are reported to occur more frequently in the abyssinian than in the general cat population in some cases the disease either has or is believed to have a genetic hereditary cause but many of the diseases listed here do not have a proven genetic basis health problems in abyssinian cats annie many abyssinian cats are an important member of the feline world purebred cats have been seen with less health issues as pared to mix breeds all the necessary vaccinations plays the most important role in the health of your pet so one should never be lazy in to fulfil these essential requirements of his pet tapeworms are mon in almost all cats abyssinian cat breed information all the cat breeds the abyssinian is perhaps the one who lives life to the fullest he climbs higher jumps farther plays harder nothing escapes the notice of this highly intelligent and inquisitive cat a quality that makes life with him both endlessly entertaining and continuously challenging abyssinian cat breed plete description videos before ing a particular abyssinian it’s best to have the cat undergo a genetic testing at a lab or a veterinarian’s office to see if they are more likely to carry certain health conditions or diseases when searching for a reputable breeder make a checklist of tests papers and credentials that increase the chances of you ting a healthy pet if possible meet the parents of the abyssinian amyloidosis ufaw amyloidosis is a genetically inherited disease that occurs within families in abyssinian cats i e a familial trait analysis of the pedigrees of 62 abyssinians cats with amyloidosis showed that certain ancestor cats were significantly more mon in the pedigrees of affected cats than in those of unaffected cats in the randomly selected sample dibartola et al 1986a genetic diseases in cats included breed specific diseases genetic diseases in cats can be obvious at birth but some may not develop or be visible until later in life learn more about genetic disorders by breed

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