28 Best Of Abyssinian Cat Fawn Pics

abyssinian cat fawn – shinkara abyssins et ocicats fawn abyssinian this beautiful color recalls the coat of the cougar it is a fauve color with golden reflections a warm color ticked and tinted with a deeper shade of golden champagne abyssinian cat the abyssinian cat as it is known today was bred in great britain it is alleged that british sol rs deployed to north africa in the nineteenth century returned home with kittens purchased from local traders fawn abyssinian this pin was discovered by madeleine ferguson discover and save your own pins on pinterest blue and fawn abyssinians and somali when two cats with the genes for both blue and sorrel meet then fawn is the result fawn is at the very bottom of the order of dominance in the same way that for instance lilac siamese and lilac burmese are late in their dominance scale how to care for abyssinian cats the abyssinian cat is a long legged muscular and short haired cat that usually has a fawn colored coat [1] they are outgoing and active cats who love a lot of attention from their owners and are the abyssinian homepage color inheritence chart for the historical traditional and basic colors of the abyssinian cat are ruddy tawny usual red cinnamon sorrel blue and fawn they are recognized by the registries of all cat associations worldwide cat colors abyssinian cats cat breeds info this beautiful blue aby boy is abychat blue thunder of the crystalpaws abyssinians fawn aby if the blue aby was a pastel version of the usual aby then the fawn abyssinian cats are a pastel version of the red aby all abyssinian cats have ticked coats though in some colours the ticking shows up more clearly than in others what is ticking well an aby is really a tabby cat but a special sort of tabby .

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