41 Lovely Angora Cat Average Weight Pictures

angora cat average weight – turkish angora cat turkish angora cat scientific name felis catus higher classification cat rank breed origin turkey average size 60cm 2ft average weight 4 5kg 10lbs turkish angora cat breeds list overview the turkish angora originally known simply as the angora has been called the ballerina of the cat fancy these gorgeous graceful cats are said to “dance into your life with their fine boned elegance draped in a gossamer silk coat in a variety of colors the turkish angora cat cat breed information the turkish angora cats have an average life expectancy of 12 18 years take your cat to regular vet appointments keep her vaccinated and use dewormer tablets regularly to prolong her lifespan furthermore avoid any inherited diseases by ting your cat from a reputable breeder who will give you a health guarantee turkish angora cat breed information the cfa began registering the cats in 1968 and granted full recognition to white turkish angoras in 1972 colored turkish angoras were accepted in 1978 today the cats are recognized by most north american cat registries breed profile the turkish angora the cat fanciers about the turkish angora e of the most outgoing and affectionate of all cat breeds the rare and beautiful turkish angora has a fascinating history and is considered a national treasure in its native land litter size of turkish angora cats annie many turkish angora cats normally have big litters all kittens have blue colored eyes at the time of birth eye color changes as the kittens grow up turkish angoras have single long haired coat rare legs are quite larger in length kittens are vigorous at time of birth average litter size for turkish angora cats is about 5 6 kittens however larger turkish angora animals a z animals turkish angora the turkish angora is a breed of domestic cat natively found in turkey turkish angoras are one of the ancient naturally occurring cat breeds having originated in central turkey in the ankara region turkish angora the turkish angora turkish ankara kedisi ankara cat is a breed of a domestic cat turkish angoras are one of the ancient natural breeds of cat having originated in central turkey in the ankara region .

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