37 Awesome Angora Cat Information Graphics

angora cat information – breed profile the turkish angora the cat fanciers about the turkish angora e of the most outgoing and affectionate of all cat breeds the rare and beautiful turkish angora has a fascinating history and is considered a national treasure in its native land the turkish angora cat cat breed information the turkish angora cat is a natural and one of the oldest cat breeds this is small to medium sized cat with a long and firm body the well muscled body is supported by long legs and small round paws that sport tufts of hair between the toes turkish angora cat breed information gokitty search turkish angora kittens for sale by breeder rescue and owners the turkish angora is an affection and active cat they love to be in the middle of everything and want to be wherever you are at all times turkish angora cat breed facts & information if you have the right kind of life for an outgoing affectionate and almost dog like cat then you might want to consider the turkish angora turkish angora introduction the turkish angora is an elegant graceful small to medium sized cat and one that boasts having a super soft silky coat they are ener ic intelligent and a national treasure in their native turkey where they have always been highly prized turkish angora cat breeders and information kittens for sale wel e to our turkish angora cats page here you will find everything you could ever want to know about turkish angora cats and a plete list of all the turkish angora catteries we have located in the usa turkish angora cat facts for kids pictures of cats the turkish angora is even stated as a natural breed of cat still found it it’s native habitat but have been fooled by breeders who did not write the true ancestral information in the application for registration forms being a natural breed any out crossing automatically disqualifies the affected cat from being recognised as a genuine ta the ornormous difference in type from the original turkish angora cat breed information vetstreet the angora is a natural breed not manmade and existed in turkey at least as far back as the 15th century angoras are usually thought of as white cats with blue or green eyes but they e in many colors and patterns including tortoiseshell tabby and calico they are a small to medium size cat .

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