28 Best Of Birman Cat Breeders Qld Pictures

birman cat breeders qld – birman breeders in qld pets [hq] birman breeders in qld in australia s leading pet directory providing gold coast and beyond with high quality healthy devon rex cats and kittens for over 25 years birman cat breeder siltorscha birmans is a small cattery situated in brisbane our birmans are part of our family and stay indoors i am a registered breeder with the "birman cat fanciers of qld inc " and "queensland fenine association inc " kitten and cat available birman cats or kittens available prices will vary slightly between breeders and is usually based on the treatments their kittens leave with ie how many vaccinations already done if the kitten has been de ed for you before leaving for its new home or if you will have to pay to have that done separately yourself birman cat breeders in brisbane australia finding a birman cat breeder in brisbane can be difficult but we’ve done all of the hard work for you we’ve spent hours researching to find all of the different birman cat breeders in brisbane and you can find our full list below nicsha birmans birman cat breeder brisbane queensland i first began to breed birman s in 1980 and after breeding many of the colours now concentrate on seal and blue points only we regularly attend cat shows here in queensland and i am also the president to the birman club in queensland and treasurer to the semilong hair cat club also in queensland dreampoint birmans home for full details about our birman kittens and retired breeding cats please contact us we are registered breeders with queensland feline association inc of pedigree birman kittens and cats based in brisbane australia .

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