31 Awesome Birman Cat Characteristics Pictures

birman cat characteristics – birman cat breed facts personality & characteristics birman is not the dumb cat but is seriously curious and intelligent there are many stories of birman cats wandering around and got stuck at impossible places like underneath floors in renovation areas and at the top of running cars cat breeds the birman cat characteristics and personality the birman cat the most distinctive characteristics of the birman cat are his deep blue eyes silky coat and white “ gloves ” or “ socks ” on each paw this cat also known as the “ sacred cat of burma ” has a very soft voice which he will use to let you know that it is time for a nice cuddling on the sofa temperament & personality du laddak birmans however the birman is not a feral cat and its personality is stable and non aggressive toward humans as long as you respect their trust they will trust you it is sometimes amazing to see how some cats pick up the personality of their human panion characteristics – birman cats the birman has a wonderful balanced temperament they are very intelligent and bond to their people very strongly birmans also are curious they like to find out what you are doing or investigate anything that is new the birman is a person cat they love to be around their people you will also usually find that a birman will adjust his schedule to yours you typically will find your birman waiting to greet you as soon as you home birman cat facts characteristics diet the birmans are known to have originated in the country of burma now known as myanmar there is no clear history of this breed of cats and the earliest records of these cats depict them to be panions of the temple priests birman information characteristics facts names overview the birman cat breed also known as the sacred cat of burma is a medium to large semi longhaired ivory colored cat with darker color points on the ears face legs and tail and an overall golden sheen birman cat breed facts and personality traits the birman is a long cat and can be e quite large males are usually larger than females they are heavily boned cats and can appear somewhat stocky in every feature males are usually larger than females birman cat breed information vetstreet birman birman temperament and personality the birman is a calm affectionate cat who loves to be around people and can adapt to any type of home he likes to play chase with other pets taking turns being the chaser and the one being pursued .

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