31 Lovely Birman Cat Information Images

birman cat information – birman cat breed information s history and care advice t he birman cat is one of the more rare cat breeds in the u s but it’s be ing more popular among pet owners as they are found in shelters the birman cat breed is a domesticated cat breed originating from burma – it’s even called “the sacred cat of burma” birman cat information – cat care cat breeds cat care birman cat information diana lippert june 14 2018 2 709 25 minutes read twitter google linkedin stumbleupon tumblr pinterest reddit vkontakte odnoklassniki pocket birman cat breed information kitty catter introduction history the birman is sometimes called the “sacred cat of burma” and they are theorized to have been the panions of temple priests in northern burma birman information characteristics facts names overview the birman cat breed also known as the sacred cat of burma is a medium to large semi longhaired ivory colored cat with darker color points on the ears face legs and tail and an overall golden sheen birman cat information facts and hd pictures in petworlds a beautiful cat deserves a good looking legend of origin birman cat information facts and hd pictures behavioral training birman cat breeders and information kittens for sale information about birman cats including breed history birman kittens for sale nutrition training and more birman cat club of australia about us the birman cat club of australia was founded in 1977 by a group of people dedicated to this wonderful breed the club is affiliated with the new south wales cat fanciers association of australia which is a member of the coordinating cat council of australia birman the birman also called the "sacred cat of burma" is a domestic cat breed the birman is a long haired colour pointed cat distinguished by a silky coat deep blue eyes and contrasting white "gloves" or "socks" on each paw .

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