33 Awesome Birman Cat Legend Images

birman cat legend – forhim birmans birman legend pagosa springs co legends claim that the beautiful birman originated from a longhaired white cat with yellow eyes named sinh who lived at the temple of laotsun with the head priest mun ha sinhsoul birmans birman legend the birman is more than just a beautiful cat it is a cat with both a history and a legend many people do not realise that the birman has been around for centuries as the sacred temple cat of burma the birman legend national birman fancier the birman legend before the time when christ walked the earth and even before the time of buddha an ancient people called the khmer lived in a southeast asian country once called burma and now called myanmar birman legend libertyrunbirmanstead the birman cat is believed to have originated in burma where it was considered sacred the panion cat of the kittah priests there is a legend as to how the birman cat developed the colors they are today the legend of the sacred birman – birman cats all discussions about the origins of the birman cat also known as the sacred cat of burma will typically start with some form of the following legend about weebly there is a intriguing legend that surrounds the birman many years ago in ancient burma in the magnificent temple of lao tsun there was a beautiful golden goddess tsun kyan kse who had gorgeous blue sapphire eyes the birman cat club there is an intriguing legend to explain the origin of the birman cat still known in many countries as the sacred cat of burma the legend states that many years ago before the birth of buddha the kymer people of burma who were very devout built wonderful temples to their goddess tsun kyan kse birman cat the sacred cat of burma the loyal birman cat the legend of the birman cat – the sacred cat of burma long ago before the time of buddha there was a temple in burma where one hundred pure white cats resided these white cats all had yellow eyes .

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