50 Lovely Birman Cat Names Pictures

birman cat names – birman cat names page 4 cat names by breeds the cat names birman cat names page 4 cat names by breeds choose from a list of over 8 000 cat cat names a list that grows daily birman naming convention birman cats sorry to say our cat came with the name sticky and we were not quick enough to change it so it s stuck our normal cat naming went by anything that could have fur as a second name birman information characteristics facts names overview the birman cat breed also known as the sacred cat of burma is a medium to large semi longhaired ivory colored cat with darker color points on the ears face legs and tail and an overall golden sheen birman the birman also called the "sacred cat of burma" is a domestic cat breed the birman is a long haired colour pointed cat distinguished by a silky coat deep blue eyes and contrasting white "gloves" or "socks" on each paw 30 best birman cat names male birman cat names coco luciano romeo foxy astro damario conan tomahawk momo vidal case lucky aaron blade toby buddy female birman cat names betty molly poppy sacred birman cat cat names sacred birman cat sacred birman cat – one of those breeds of cats which has a long history and the emergence of which is fanned by beautiful legends browse cute girl cat & kitten names find your new furry friend s name among our growing list of cute girl cat & kitten names choose from over 5 000 female cat names to find the perfect fit names of my cats birmans cats and our other passions lead us to the right name for each kitten most of the names are out of tolkien or arthurian characters some of the texts e from internet sites i am grateful to .

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