45 Lovely Birman Cat origin Images

birman cat origin – history of the birman cat pixydustbirmans the birman is a domestic cat breed also called the "sacred cat of burma" it is not to be confused with the burmese which is a separate and dissimilar breed the birman has medium long hair a pale colored body and darker points with deep blue eyes even though the cat is pointed the paws have white gloves birman cat breed information characteristics a beautiful cat deserves a beautiful legend of origin the sacred cat of burma as the birman is sometimes called is said to have acquired his striking appearance through the intervention of a blue eyed goddess who rewarded a temple cat’s love for and devotion to his priest by turning his white coat golden and changing his yellow eyes to blue about the birman origin du laddak doré birmans birmans or sacred cat of burma were created in south of france nice circa 1924 they are descendant of siamese and persian cats after ww ii there was only one couple left and breeders had to work again to recreate the breed and solidify it birmans have white gloves dark blue eyes a middle hair silky coat and a wonderful friendly personality birman history personality appearance health and origin burma grooming 4 5 activity 4 5 gccf group semi longhairs temperament there are certainly things to consider before you adopt a semi longhaired cat like a birman these are social cats and although they are adaptable to your schedule they don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time the birman cat club there is an intriguing legend to explain the origin of the birman cat still known in many countries as the sacred cat of burma the legend states that many years ago before the birth of buddha the kymer people of burma who were very devout built wonderful temples to their goddess tsun kyan kse .

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