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temperament & personality du laddak birmans birman temperament and personality like human beings each cat inherits some genetic factors and traits from its ancestors behaviors are learned from parents siblings and milieu in a young age personality traits of the face meltingly awesome birman cats a birman cat is large and stocky with a silky coat and semi long hair the medium length hair of birman cats are not prone to matting but regular grooming is sufficient guide to birman cat personality and characteristics their personality traits are of friendly affectionate and gentle nature birman cats are also very inquisitive and outgoing they are known to be social gentle and loving with people and other animals birman cat breed facts personality & characteristics birman is not the dumb cat but is seriously curious and intelligent there are many stories of birman cats wandering around and got stuck at impossible places like underneath floors in renovation areas and at the top of running cars birman cat breed information characteristics our ratings are generalizations and they re not a guarantee of how any breed or individual cat will behave cats from any breed can be good with children based on their past experiences and personality birman cat personality birman kittens the birman cat also known as the sacred cat of burma is thought to have originated in today s myanmar burma and is thought to be a close relation of the popular burmese cat birmans personality heilige birma birmans love life and their life revolves around their humans family and everthing they do thus if you are working it s always better to adopt two instead of one vat two cats do not result in more work than one i cant tell you from my own experience even if you are at home all day it will be nice for the birman or any other cat to have someone around who speaks "the same language" birman cat easy to follow guide and expert s advice birman cat birman cats’ personality how to take a proper care of your cat the mon medical conditions you’ll have to watch out for with this breed birman cat breed personality history and learn about birman cats and kittens see birman cat pictures and read up on the birman s personality size and history birman cat breed facts and personality traits find out everything you need to know about the birman cat breed including personality traits physical characteristics and breed origins

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