34 Beautiful Birman Cat Seal Point Images

birman cat seal point – 3 ways to identify birman cats wikihow how to identify birman cats with beautiful blue eyes and a calm disposition the birman cat is a sought after breed arriving in the united states sometime in the mid twentieth century it quickly took hold as a favorite of cat birman cat breed information characteristics besides seal point birmans e in blue point chocolate point lilac point and various parti color point and lynx point colors lynx point birmans have a clearly defined m marking on the forehead light markings that resemble eyeglasses around the eyes spotted whisker pads solid colored ears with no stripes and “thumb marks” on the back of the ears the legs and tail have stripes and birman cats wiki birman kittens edit all birmans are born white as other colourpoint kittens are and they start developing their colours at the age of 1 week if they have a dark colour as seal point and at the age of 14 days or more if they have a clear colour as lilac point sacred cat of burma colours & standard birman the sacred cat of burma is a fine breed cat with a fascinating appearance its magnetic look sweet expression and charming appearance are due to a rigorous standard = description of the birman which makes selecting this breed very difficult birman siambalirags seal point birman 1 9 these photos of my kittens and cats should help you confirm the differences in colors and markings at different ages and life stages and help to give you a better understanding the seal & blue point birman cat club despite our name we focus on promoting the breeding and exhibiting of seal and blue point birmans to help protect the foundations of this amazing breed without a solid seal and blue base like those of the original birmans we’d lose some of the precious characteristics that make birmans so special the birman cat club birman breeders register uk the birman cat club kittens birman kittens kittens for sale information birman news birman club membership established over 30 years the largest uk cat club beautiful colour photographs annual show news birman cats and kittens for sale in the uk a gorgeous birman kittens 3 boys and 1 girls mum is lilac silver tabby point and father is seal point both can be seen with paperwork we have 1 male in blue tabby point sold 1 male in blue silver tabby point reserved 1 male in lilac silver tabby point available 1 female .

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