45 Cute Birman Cat Size Graphics

birman cat size – birman cat breed plete description videos size of the birman cat birmans belong to the mid sized category and can weigh anywhere between 6 to 12 lbs this breed is muscular stocky and are heavily boned birman faq frequently asked questions the birman is an average size cat males generally ranging from 8 to 12 pounds females a little smaller a birman has a medium length coat that has a consistency which requires very little grooming birman cats are pointed cats have darker colors on their faces ears paws and tail with white paws the eyes of a birman are always blue breed profile the birman cat fanciers association birmans are relatively quiet cats most are soft spoken and refined with soft chirp like voices birmans are very helpful they love helping you make beds load the dishwasher fold laundry read the newspaper and work on the puter birman information characteristics facts names birmans need and appreciate human panionship and are especially fond of children this is a happy trusting and adaptable breed its incredible beauty is just icing on the cake this is a happy trusting and adaptable breed birman cat facts occasionally referred to as “the sacred cat of burma” birman cat facts – the birman breed were first imported to us during 1959 gaining recognition by the cat fanciers association in 1967 birman cat breed information kitty catter introduction history the birman is sometimes called the “sacred cat of burma” and they are theorized to have been the panions of temple priests in northern burma 3 ways to identify birman cats wikihow take note of the cat s size birman s are an average sized cat they generally range from 7 12 pounds with females being on the smaller end of this range birman the birman breed was first recognized in france by the cat club de france in 1925 then in england by the governing council of the cat fancy gccf in 1966 and in united states by the cat fanciers association cfa in 1967 .

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