41 Cute Birman Cat Types Images

birman cat types – birman the birman breed was first recognized in france by the cat club de france in 1925 then in england by the governing council of the cat fancy gccf in 1966 and in united states by the cat fanciers association cfa in 1967 birman cat breeds birman cats are believed to have originated in the asian country burma it is believed that the birman cat was considered extremely sacred and were secretly shipped to france in the year 1920 birman cat breed information characteristics the birman municates in a soft voice mainly to remind you that perhaps it’s time for dinner or maybe for a nice cuddle on the sofa see all birman cat characteristics below guide to birman cat personality and characteristics just like any other cat breed birman cats have behaviors and personality traits which are unique to this fine type of cat below a few personality and behavioral traits have been discussed below a few personality and behavioral traits have been discussed birman cat breed and types information hicats is your source for everything about all cats looking for information on cats we have all cat breeds listed sacred cat of burma colours & standard birman the birman cat s type is unique its characteristics are not similar to any other breed s the head has a rather robust bone structure and full cheeks the muzzle is heart shaped with prominent cheekbones and soft features breed profile the birman cat fanciers association birmans are relatively quiet cats most are soft spoken and refined with soft chirp like voices birmans are very helpful they love helping you make beds load the dishwasher fold laundry read the newspaper and work on the puter birman cat facts view our birman cat facts video and find out everything you need to know in one birman cat facts video a single video crammed full of facts on this cat breed .

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