41 Beautiful Birman Cat Vs Ragdoll Pics

birman cat vs ragdoll – birman vs ragdoll cat pets it s easy to understand how someone can mistake a ragdoll for a birman both cats have medium length coats of similar color points as well as wonderful personalities there are fine distinctions however birmans are intelligent playful cats while ragdolls are a bit more relaxed both make great panions birman cat vs ragdoll cat at home in pittsfield ma and in the ragdoll cat breeders add your cat vs ragdoll cats oodle to a genetically sound well socialized every cat with lots of the birman vs ragdoll cattery but it very similar color points and lynx points birman cat vs ragdoll cat – 101 difference and parison side by side the birman also called the "sacred cat of burma" is a domestic cat breed the birman is a long haired colorpointed cat distinguished by a silky coat deep blue eyes and contrasting white "gloves" or "socks" on each paw the difference between birman cats and ragdoll cats the appearance of birman cats vs ragdoll cats birmans and ragdolls are born white and they start to develop their color spots as they mature which would take two to four years birman cats have pale colored bo s that transition into darker shades in certain areas namely the face ears legs and tail birman cats vs ragdoll about animals kitten is an independent being it already knows a lot and able to do however you especially at first and if the kitten is very small e g monthly or a six is also required to make efforts to make him feel that your home is his home and you are his own family at first he is scared in an unfamiliar environment around new smells new .

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