24 Beautiful Birman Cattery Pics

birman cattery – skyhaven birman cattery home page skyhaven birmans is a cattery that specializes in raising affectionate healthy big blue eyed birmans from grand champion lines all of our special kittens are purebred from cfa grand champion lines birman cattery & birman cat breeders near houston tx i have been breeding birmans since the late 90’s and love the birman breed while i seldom show my cats i strive to achieve the beauty of the birman standard in my offspring as well as maintain the wonderful birman personality the breed is known for i hope you enjoy your visit with us sunsoar birman cattery home sunsoar birman cattery 244 likes we breed friendly healthy cats in most colours including tabby and tortie point our cats are part of our family we jemley birmans boarding cattery home jemley birmans boarding cattery 7 sherwood walk aldridge walsall ws9 8bt walsall rated 4 9 based on 18 reviews "i have no worries when i leave my birmaniacs sacred birman cattery startseite mehr von birmaniacs sacred birman cattery auf anzeigen anmelden oder mira shanti what you need to know about sacred birman cats the sacred birman is a highly social breed that prefers interaction the sacred birman will make you feel special with their strong desire to be near birmans – kamasaki boarding cattery the birman also called the “sacred cat of burma” is a domestic cat breed the birman is a long haired color pointed cat distinguished by a silky coat deep blue eyes and contrasting white “gloves” or “socks” on each paw von der johannishöhe liebevolle hobbyzucht in leipzig seit 1989 wir haben zeitweise gesunde verschmuste kitten in vielen schönen farben wenn wir ihr interesse geweckt haben dann lassen sie sich virtuell von ser tollen rasse verzaubern wir würden uns freuen sie auf unseren seiten begrüßen zu dürfen .

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