34 Beautiful Himalayan and Persian Cat Graphics

himalayan and persian cat – alfenloch persian kittens tario canada bi color alfenloch persians is an tario canada cca cfa registered cattery specializing in exquisite bi colors rare chocolates oe be and traditional colors persian cat the persian cat persian گربه ایرانی ‎ translit gorbe irâni is a long haired breed of cat characterized by its round face and short muzzle persian & himalayan cat rescue available cats adopted spayed female 4 5 y o flame point himalayan little gilda is needing new adventures because her human is off to college and dorm life is not for her seattle persian and himalayan rescue our mission seattle persian and himalayan rescue focuses on persians not only because they need us but also because they are highly adoptable due to their popularity himalayan cat breed profile the himalayan is a hybrid breed identical to the persian but distinguished by the points on the cats’ extremities the facial mask feet ears and tail which results in a persian type cat with the coloring and deep blue eyes of the siamese patterned cat himalayan cat breed information characteristics the himalayan or himmie for short is a persian in siamese drag affectionate but discriminating see all himalayan characteristics below himalayan cat breed information vetstreet the popular himalayan nicknamed the himmy is a colorpoint version of the persian although at least one cat registry considers him a stand alone breed persian kittens for sale by reputable persian cat breeders persian kittens for sale persian cat breeders the persian is a docile gentle affectionate cat this feline has large widely set eyes that are round in shape .

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