42 Lovely Persian Cat Ears Graphics

persian cat ears – persian cat breed information vetstreet the persian is the glamor puss of the cat world his beautiful flowing coat sweet face and calm personality have bined to make him the most popular cat breed traditional persian traditional persian is one of several names for a group of cats that are considered to be essentially the original breed of persian cat before the variety was selectively bred to have extreme features purrinlot cat grooming persian cat grooming and actual cat bath directions with equipment shared lots grooming bath tips persian cat information characteristics facts names overview the persian also known as the persian longhair is an elegant graceful gentle breed whose most distinguishing characteristics are its remarkable coat and its unique head 10 fancy facts about persian cats with their trademark round faces stocky bo s and sumptuous coats persians are one of the most recognized cat breeds in the world here are a few facts about the fancy feline purrinlot persian kittens with beautiful examples of persian kittens for show when looking for a kitten that will be e a breeding kitty or show kitty persian cats colors a kaleidoscope of cat breeds world color point means that the extremities i e the tail legs ears and face have darker points or markings persian color points were derived from crossing persian cats with siamese cats resulting in this cat having a light or fawn colored body with darker points feline medical curiosities ears messybeast ewa enderleit in denmark has a 4 eared cat called joey the vet believes this to be due to the mother 2 year old scottie being given hormone tablets as no one was aware she was pregnant until her single female kitten joey was born on the night between september 1st and september 2nd 2003 .

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