39 Cute Persian Cat Eye Discharge Images

persian cat eye discharge – my persian cat has eye discharge best answer hi i have a long haired black cat that also has constant eye discharge that is brownish and reddish sometimes when i asked the vet she said that it was because the cat had blocked tear ducts how to clean persian cat eyes lightly dampen the pad with the solution of choice and gently wipe the discharge away from the eye to remove it never touch or put any solution directly on the eyes use a new pad on each eye to avoid cross contamination you can use warm water or a multi purpose contact solution but again do not put any solution in the cat’s eyes the water or solution is to wet the cotton pad to wipe under not on the eye eye problems in cats persian cat care persian cats frequently have tear staining partly because their tear ducts are kinked and partly because their eyeball shape prevents effective drainage chronic tear overspill causes a brown staining on the fur which is most noticeable in pale colored cats my persian has runny eyes with brown discharge it is quite mon for persian cats to have discharge from their eyes a brown color is normal for these guys a brown color is normal for these guys if you are seeing that there is a green or a yellow discharge then this could be an infection but brown is likely not an infection cat eye discharge and eye problems webmd anything from a simple cold to a serious illness could be causing your cat’s eye discharge learn a few of the more mon causes of eye discharge when to see a vet and what you can do at home to help your feline friend eye discharge causes a healthy cat’s eyes should be bright and clear eye discharge in cats symptoms causes diagnosis eye discharge in your cat can vary in consistency frequency and irritation levels in some cats eye discharge may occur on its own in others it may show up in connection with one or more additional symptoms cat eye discharge — what’s normal and what’s not catster due to the shape of the face persians himalayans and other cats with short noses and large round eyes brachycephalic cat breeds are more susceptible to cat eye discharge this might be normal how to stop watery eye discharge in cats learn my cat s my cat had a severe case of watery eye discharge that wouldn t go away learn what i did to her watery eyes to stop discharging for good if your cat has watery eye discharge that doesn t dissappear no matter what you do check the steps i followed according the indications of my vet it works my cat had a severe case of watery eye discharge that wouldn t go away learn what i did to .

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