50 Lovely Persian Cat Lilac Pics

persian cat lilac – persian cat – chocolate and lilac color my own cats as an owner breeding persian cat and exots experience myself such a problem quite recently course they exist if to see from genetic point of view lilac kitten lilac persians bicolors kitten gallery including chocolate and lilac kittens including persians smoke himalayans and exotic persian cat chocolate and lilac color catscreation persian cat is found in chocolate and lilac color these colors are standard but are not found mon in stores and shelters many people look for persian cats carrying the gene of chocolate or lilac color cute lilac persian kitten lilac persian kitten available please visit my caterry website pkd fiv and felv free great bloodlines persian cats persian cat chocolate and lilac color persian cats are the aristocrats of the cat world persians are the choice breed of kings and queens and for good reason but your new persian kitten or cat needs daily grooming and care lilac point himalayan kittens mount vista persians most people call their blue point himalayans "lilac points" true lilac points are very rare there is a visible difference between blue points and lilac pointed cats and kittens persian kittens mesa az chocolate lilac cats cattery listing of chocolate persian breeders around the world with chocolate and lilac purebred kittens for sale organized alphabetically by cat breed to help you quickly find a cattery nearest you blue and lilac persian kittens if this advert states that the cat or kitten is registered it means the cat has been registered with one of the cat registering bo s gccf tica or fife .

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