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persian cat needs – persian cat special food according to their dietary needs if you own a persian cat you are a fortunate pet parent indeed this since quite a while ago haired magnificence has been enchanting individuals around the globe for a long time with their intriguing looks and flawless personality persian cat breed facts and personality traits this cat may well have been a cat known in persia as the sand cat a cat who lived in the desert this sand cat had a woolly coat much like a steel soap pad to protect her from the environment and permit her to live in the sand how to identify types of persian cats persian cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world placing 4 th in the cat fancier’s association 2017 list of cats registered in the us persian cats petful persians are medium sized longhaired cats with tails almost as wide as their bo s their colors are varied and include silver golden shaded smoke tabby particolor bi color and himalayan their flat faces — not unlike brachycephalic dog breeds — have large round eyes and the eyes can appear in a variety of colors what you need to know about persian cat care it may be fluffy but the way to do persian cat care must also be according to how you do it with other cats you have to perform the tasks with love and affection just like being a parent to their child persian cat breed information characteristics if you re going to share your home with a cat you ll need to deal with some level of cat hair on your clothes and in your house however shedding does vary among the breeds if you re a neatnik you ll need to either pick a low shedding breed or relax your standards types of persian cats animal wised this breed needs to be washed more regularly than other cats the persian cat s coat is made from a very thick fur which should be bathed and brushed with professional tools pet dryers and other specialized utensils persian cat the persian cat breeding standards have always called for a cat with a short face but it s important to note that the persian cat originally had a much longer nose than the flat faced persians of today .

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