30 Beautiful Persian Cat Varieties Graphics

persian cat varieties – 10 fancy facts about persian cats with their trademark round faces stocky bo s and sumptuous coats persians are one of the most recognized cat breeds in the world here are a few facts about the fancy feline longhair cats messybeast hybrid origins in the 1800s pallas suggested that angora and persian cats were descended not from felis silvestris but from pallas’s cat felis manul which he discovered and named himalayan kittens himalayan breeders pedigreed kittens cat lovers looking for himalayan kittens click the kitten pictures and links below to visit the breeders website for more information about pet breed or show himalayan cats and kittens for sale availability different cat breeds with cat breed info below you will find a list of the different cat breeds with pictures divided into different championship breed categories by clicking on the name of the cat you can read about the origin of the breed the coat varieties the personality and temperament as well as any special grooming needs that cat breeders chocolate lilac cats abyssinian cat breeders listed by cattery who also work with chocolate and lilac colors cat breeders in florida cattery list list of catteries persian cat breeders line directory in florida himalayan kitten breeder directory in new york persian cat web ring cat breeders in new york persian kitten empire cat breeds the ultimate cat website this unusual breed of cat is easily recognized by the distinct curling back of its ears to as far as a 90 degree angle it takes a kitten s ears seven days to begin to curl choosing a breed the governing council of the cat fancy on the cat s picture to see full details about the breed some breeds have both long haired and short haired varieties indicated with an asterisk .

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