48 Cute What Does An Angora Cat Look Like Pics

what does an angora cat look like – cat colors turkish angora cats cat breeds info turkish angora cats the turkish angora cat colors are many and varied the original preferred coat color was white but for many years breeders have realized what a lovely beautiful cat this is in many different colors turkish angora the turkish angora turkish ankara kedisi ankara cat is a breed of a domestic cat turkish angoras are one of the ancient natural breeds of cat having originated in central turkey in the ankara region people say he looks like a turkish angora if cat is angora it should trace back to relatives from turkey… if origin is unknown it is probably not angora but ”look like” cat this red tabby in the picture doesn’t look like angora from turkey but more to western bred cat what does a turkish angora cat look like the turkish angora cat is a semi longhaired cat of medium to light build it has a graceful appearance with a long flowing body finished with a feathered tail that is often held in an upwards curve what breed s does my cat look like best answer looks a little like a blue point ragdoll mix not sure if its just blue point or blue lynx point you do have the "m" of the tabby on the face but don t see any other stripes on the points added to flat below its not a turkish angora as the breed does not allow pointed cats turkish angora what they are like to live with turkish angoras are friendly intelligent active cats who enjoy interacting with their human family as well as with other cats turkish angora cats in 1973 the cfa gave full recognition to the turkish angora but until 1978 registration was limited to white angoras only since 1978 the breed has been accepted in all of its natural colors and is now a full participating class in all of the cat associations in north america the turkish angora cat cat breeds encyclopedia the turkish angora cat has a warm gentle personality and is quite cat like they are an excellent choice for singles and calm households and can excel as loving panions .

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