What Does An Angora Cat Look Like Awesome Knitted Scarf Turkish Angora Cat Khao Manee Cat Fuzzy Soft Scarf

Awesome what does an angora cat look like
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how to identify an angora cat like any other purebred cat the turkish angora has her own unique set of identifying traits that make her an attractive and endearing panion single coat for easy grooming turkish angoras have semi long hair but prospective owners are rewarded with ease of grooming due to the single layer coat turkish angora cat breed information it’s a good idea to keep a turkish angora as an indoor only cat to protect him from diseases spread by other cats s by dogs or coyotes and the other dangers that face cats who go outdoors such as being hit by a car turkish angoras who go outdoors also run the risk of being stolen by someone who would like to have such a beautiful cat without paying for it cat colors turkish angora cats cat breeds info turkish angora cats the turkish angora cat colors are many and varied the original preferred coat color was white but for many years breeders have realized what a lovely beautiful cat this is in many different colors turkish angora turkish angora cats have long silky coats and elegant sinuous bo s a younger angora can often be mistaken for a snow weasel though it is known for a shimmery white coat and posh tail turkish angora cats can display a variety of colors they e in tabby and tabby white along with black with an undercoat of chocolate brown and lastly what does a turkish angora cat look like the turkish angora cat is a semi longhaired cat of medium to light build it has a graceful appearance with a long flowing body finished with a feathered tail that is often held in an upwards curve its large ears are set high upon the head and its face is wedge shaped with almond shaped eyes its coat is fine and silky and the lack of an undercoat makes grooming very straight forward for a people say he looks like a turkish angora jan 17 2012 he does look like one by anonymous i have a little black fellow i found as a kitten i was telling some cat loving friends on a blog what an odd looking little cat he was growing up to be with a long ruff big fluffy tail but not really long haired anywhere else what breed s does my cat look like best answer looks a little like a blue point ragdoll mix not sure if its just blue point or blue lynx point you do have the "m" of the tabby on the face but don t see any other stripes on the points added to flat below its not a turkish angora as the breed does not allow pointed cats turkish angora the look of a turkish angora turkish angoras are most known for being all white with blue eyes or one blue and one amber eye the breed also es in many other cats colors although these turkish angora cats it likes to resolve its own problem and be independent at times and is not the best cat for someone who wants a lap cat it does not like to be held for more than a few minutes at a time but it does prefer to stay close remaining in the room with you and occupying itself on the floor where it can supervise the action and stay up on all of the events the turkish angora cat cat breeds encyclopedia although the name "angora" is sometimes used to describe any long haired cat the true turkish angora is quite a different cat from the persian both in body style head structure and personality the head is angular with no snub to the nose the structure is slim agile and long limbed and the personality is alert busy and very cat like

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